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Sveti Vlas is a resort town on the Black sea coast. Located in a cozy Bay on one side of which is St.Vlas, on the other - Nessebar, between the famous resort Sunny Beach.

St.Vlas is developing as an apartment city. Because of this, in the residential complexes is never 100% of the population - because all property owners have a rest at different times. Which means there's no fatter around the pools.

This is not a busy resort, but a place for a romantic or family vacation. In the evenings there is no yelling music from the cafe, and in the morning you do not need to run to take a place in the sun. And if you want active fun for 15 minutes (and half a Euro) the bus takes you to Sunny Beach.


The city is located on the strip between the sea and the green forest on low mountains, so in Sveti Vlas wonderfully clean air with a slight scent of pine needles. The temperature in the summer from 25 to 30 degrees during the day and about 20 degrees at night. The heat comes only at lunchtime, the rest of the city is very comfortable.

Almost all children are Sunny weather, cloudy is issued on average only one a week, then it can paint a small rain.


In St.Vlas go for a holiday by the sea. To services having a rest 5 (five) free beaches on which there are equipped areas and areas for personal towels.

The beach season is open from early June to late September. The sea warms well from mid-June to mid-September. During the rest of the year, in addition to the healing air, you can take water treatments in the pool.


In 1963 "Sveti Vlas" was declared a climatic seaside resort. Then the first health resort was opened on the deserted shore in the fir forest.

But the modern history begins in the twenty-first century, when there has been large-scale construction. In just five years, a new modern low-rise city appeared, and on February 2, 2006 St.Vlas received city rights.

Today, St.Vlas is a combination of small traditional hotels with the clerk and stylish apartment complexes. You can choose for any budget – the room price from 10 to 50 Euros per day, and on average relax in St.Vlas one month costs one thousand Euros.


The main highlight of the yacht Marina Marina Dinevi. This imposes a certain status and increases the level of security. Rich tourists need to be protected, but they do not hide behind high fences, and walk the same streets as the rest.

Entertainment in Sveti Vlas, mainly for children - it's animators on the beach, and kindergartens, and even discos. And for lovers of noisy recreation-it is possible to travel to the nearby Sunny Beach.

In addition, several times a week performances of Amateur groups and professional artists are held in the amphitheater near the residential complex arena.


St.Vlas is a resort for respectable clients, there are apartments of many Bulgarian officials. In addition, the owners of luxury yachts stay here. Finally, Sveti Vlas is situated in the Villa quarter of businessmen, developers Dinevi. Therefore, much attention is paid to safety.

Although the police on the streets is not visible, but almost everywhere installed security cameras. The city has its own security service, which carries out imperceptible monitoring of the order. And in the evening and night-time security patrols. Unlike Sunny beach, Sveti Vlas there are no accidental tourists. Here you can not be afraid for their safety and the safety of their children.

The only thing that you can threaten - to get under a smart car, which is sometimes driven through the streets of the city.


Sveti Vlas is a city of apartment complexes, most of which are sold to individuals. This is not just an investment in real estate, which in this region is steadily rising in price, it is also an opportunity to come to the Black sea in "your home" at any time, not caring about the costs of the hotel and restaurants.

To find a suitable property in Sveti Vlas will help both located here real estate Agency, working directly from the Builder, and numerous small agencies with a large base of different developers in the region.

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Sveti Vlas
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