Burgas Airport

Burgas airport opened a new building in 2016. Now this airport meets all modern requirements.

Upon arrival, the bus takes tourists to the passport control.

The flight Board airport Burgas

Passport control

Passports are checked separately for EU citizens and for all others.

EU citizens do not need a visa. The border guard checks your passport and lets you in.

Usually open a few Windows, and within 20 minutes all the passengers who flew flight pass through passport control

Baggage claim

After passport control, passengers go to the next room. The number of the issuing point is displayed on the scoreboard.

With the receipt of baggage may be hitch, but usually within 40 minutes after arrival, all baggage is received.

Customs inspection

Bulgaria is a member of the European Union, so the customs regulations are identical to other European countries. In particular, the amount of alcohol is limited – you can import no more than 1 liter of spirits, or 4 liters of wine or 16 liters of beer.

Import of tobacco products is limited-no more than 10 packs of cigarettes or cigarettes.

Standards for the importation of alcohol and tobacco apply only to adults, children are prohibited from transporting alcohol and tobacco.

Also prohibited is the transportation of meat and dairy products.

If imports worth more than 10,000 euros in cash must be declared.

Bulgarian customs officers are loyal to tourists, and almost never check anyone. But still the packages from DutyFree better to hide in the suitcase.

Exit to the city

The tourists go out into the corridor, where they are waiting for representatives of travel agencies, or pre-ordered taxi drivers.

Rent a car

Car rentals, including 24-hour car rentals, are also available in the corridor. When choosing, it is necessary to consider the possibility of renting a car in Sveti Vlas, so as not to drive back to the airport.

The car must be booked in advance, because in the season in stock are only the most expensive brands.

National rent a car

Enterprise rent a car


Top rent a car

Sixt rent a car

Hertz rent a car

Avis rent a car

Easy rent

Budget rent a car

In order to rent a car, you must have a credit card (note - not a debit card, but a credit card with a sufficient limit) , and a driver's license. "International driver's license" is not necessary.

To the bus stop

The bus stop is located on the highway after leaving the airport area. The exit is behind the Parking area on the right.

Stop in Burgas is on the right on the car ring.

Stop in St.Vlas is located on the other side of the ring road.

Look. How to get from Burgas to Sveti Vlas.

Burgas Airport

Return flight

Check-in and passport control

Check-in starts 2 hours before departure. It doesn't make sense to come earlier. E-booking of seats on flights is not provided.

Passengers with heavy Luggage are recommended to weigh it in advance at the free racks, which would be advance to shift to other suitcases. The preponderance of airlines charge an additional fee.

After registration, go to the preflight inspection - here you need to show all your hand Luggage. Electronic devices, including phones, laptops, cameras are laid out in trays.

The presence of traces of explosives shall be checked selectively.

After inspection, go to the passport control, where the border guard will also check whether you have exceeded the limit of days of stay in Bulgaria. For multiple-entry visas, it is a maximum of 90 days each for a six-month period.

If you exceed the limit, you will be fined – a fine can be paid at home.

Waiting room

There are several Duty free shops in the waiting room.

Sky bar is open for the hungry. A glass of beer and a sandwich cost 10 leva. There is a coffee shop "Costa Cofee", and ubiquitous McDonald's.

Pizza with cold drinks can be enjoyed outside.

Free Wi-Fi is available at the airport.

Smoking on the territory of the airport is possible only in the special areas on the street to the left and right of the main hall.

В аэропорту Burgasа

Application. Bus schedule (2023)

Schedule 15 of the route from the airport in Burgas

From Monday to Saturday

05:00; 06:05; 06:25; 06:40; 06:55; 07:10; 07:25; 07:40; 07:55; 08:15; 08:25; 08:40; 09:00; 09:20; 09:45; 10:10; 10:35; 10:55; 11:15; 11:35; 11:55; 12:15; 12:40; 12:55; 13:20*; 13:35; 14:00; 14:15; 14:35; 14:55; 15:15; 15:35; 15:55; 16:15; 16:35; 16:55; 17:15; 17:35; 17:55; 18:15; 18:35; 18:50; 19:05; 19:25*; 19:35; 19:55; 20:20*; 20:35; 21:10*; 21:35; 22:05; 22:50


05:30; 06:40; 07:15; 07:40; 08:05; 08:30; 08:55; 09:25; 10:00; 10:30; 10:55; 11:20; 11:45; 12:10; 12:35; 13:00; 13:25; 13:50; 14:15; 14:45; 15:25; 15:55; 16:20; 16:40; 17:05; 17:35; 18:00; 18:40; 19:00; 19:35; 20:00; 20:30; 21:00; 21:30; 22:00; 22:30

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