Burgas Airport

St.Vlas doesn't have an airport. The nearest is Bourgas (about 40 minutes taxi ride away), and Varna (2.5 hours).

How to get from Burgas airport to Sveti Vlas

The easiest way to get a taxi. The trip is around 30-35 Euro and takes about 40 minutes. Fans of independent travel can take the bus. The trip is about 5 Euros, and a transfer will take more than an hour.

From the airport by taxi

Taxis are best booked in advance over the Internet. The address can be found on the website of Burgas airport. On arrival you will have to wait for the taxi driver with a sign with your name.

Eco-taxi. Ordering taxi from Bourgas to Sveti Vlas

There is no fully automatic booking system - you can fill in the form on the website, and then you will be called back and will clarify the details of the trip.

The cost of the trip is about 40 Euros. Distance - 38 km, travel time - 40 minutes (if there are no traffic jams).

From the airport by bus

There are no direct buses from Burgas to Sveti Vlas. You'll have to do a transplant in Sunny beach.

Regular buses from Burgas pass by the airport. A movement interval - 20 to 30 minutes. However, there are no signs leading to a bus stop at the airport (and most likely will not). Therefore, you leave the airport on the way (it is one), go to the roundabout (1-2 minutes), then go to the other side and wait.

(Look. Schedule of buses from Burgas to Sunny beach.)

There are no signs indicating routes, intervals of movement. Stop the bus as a bus: read the signs under the glass, and as soon as you come across "Slanchev Bryag" (so in Bulgarian sounds Sunny beach)-you know the hand. If you have a large Luggage-the driver will open the Luggage compartment. Sit down and wait for the conductor. The fare is 5 leva (2.5 Euros).

Sunny beach is the final stop, you will not pass it.

At the station in Sunny beach go out and look for a sign with the inscription "St Vlas" (or "Elenite"). This is the 5 or 8 bus route. The fare is 2 leva (1 Euro), go - about 20 minutes.

How to get from Varna airport to Burgas

The easiest way to get a taxi. It costs about 80 Euros. Distance of 97 kilometers, a taxi passes in 90 minutes.

By bus from Varna

At the exit of the airport building look for a stop 417 route - this is the only route that takes you to the bus station in Varna. Please note that the 417 route here goes in two directions - to Varna and from Varna. Stops are the problem from each other, so it is better to ask " Varna?"and if you answer" Yes "and wash your head - sit down , if they say" No " and nod - then you got up in the wrong place.

The bus passes by the bus station, so it is better to ask in advance from the conductor "Avtogara" (Bulgarian bus station). Get off at the right stop, underpass to go to station, go to bus and look for tablicu with the words "Sunny beach" (Sunny beach). At the right stop there can be buses going, for example, to Burgas, Ravda, Nessebar - they can also pass through St.Vlas, so ask the driver "Slanchev Bryag" (as the name of Sunny beach is read).

If your bus to Sunny beach - go to the end, if to other cities - check with the conductor "Slanchev Bryag".

Exchange in Sunny Beach

The nearest interchange node - the resort of Sunny Beach. Here is a long distance bus station. It is not so big - one area with 8 perons.

At the station in Sunny beach look for the sign "Sveti Vlas" or "Elenite" - a bus route 5 and 8.

Sveti Vlas
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