Apartments in Sveti Vlas

Sveti Vlas is positioned as a resort of apartments and "apart-hotels".

The difference is that in apart-hotels sure to have the restaurant, and made regular housekeeping. In the apartment you run a farm yourself-you clean your room yourself, you eat yourself – either in the city or you say food in the room.

In any case, the room will have its own "kitchen corner" with the necessary kitchen furniture, utensils, full stove and washing machine.

Check – in also has a number of features-the "apart – hotel" usually operates a 24-hour front Desk, and the apartment has only a Manager, who works during working hours-from 10:00 to 17:00 on weekdays. Therefore, if you book an apartment through the booking system – agree in advance how to contact the Manager.
Most of the apartments are combined into complexes. Usually it is a few buildings, United by one territory. The territory of the complex can be fenced, and then it can not pass outsiders, or fences can be purely decorative – for example, if the complex passes through the road to the sea.

Each "apart-hotel" has its own swimming pool (can be a deep full and children's paddling pool). Almost everyone has their own cafe where you can have Breakfast, lunch and dinner; and the menu for Breakfast and dinner will vary. In any case, if you do not like the food – you can always eat elsewhere. In the cafe you can go to any territory.

Apartments can be as detached houses - as hotel Valentina, hotel Saint Tatyana, and be large complexes, such as hotel complex Lazur, Manastira, Breeze, Family hotel Milev.

When choosing an apartment is to clarify-whether there is a fenced area. But in any case, the duty of the complex generally follows that of the pool enough. For example, through the hotel complex "Dolce Vita 2", which gave an apartment to Dmitry Krylov (for a report about St.Vlas) passes the road from the sea to the complexes located above. But near the pool there is a sign "only for guests".

Please note that many complexes have almost no territory: the whole yard is occupied by a swimming pool, and then behind the strip of the Bush immediately goes the street. And on the contrary – there are complexes such as "Mill", "kambani", "Etara", "arena" - where a cozy courtyard is surrounded on all sides by other buildings.

In St.Vlas 3 meals a day included only in the complex "Paradise garden" is a huge multi-level hotel complex with several pools, various cafes, and a large administration (reception) at the entrance. In the "garden of Eden" has its own tour Desk, and even a medical center. The only disadvantages – a small beach and location: the complex is located on the outskirts of the city, and to the nearest bus stop you need to walk about 5 minutes.

Choose and book apartments in St. Vlas

How much are apartments in Sveti Vlas

The cost of apartments near the sea – from 30 to 50 Euros. There is no any regularity in determining the price: it all depends on the occupancy of the rooms and the wishes of the owners. One hand over the numbers and for 25, in other places when free numbers a little – the price rises to 60.

On the spot you can find an apartment and for 15, and even for 10 euros – but it will most likely be one large room quite far from the sea. And you have to personally negotiate with the owner.

Sveti Vlas
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