The Beach of St.Vlas

In Sveti Vlas sandy beaches and gradual sloping bottom. Fine sifted sand is regularly cleaned, and seaweed which throws out on the coast after a storm quickly clean.

All the beaches in Sveti Vlas are bulk. Initially, there were only stones, but at the same time the construction of the resort was filled with several large beaches. The width of the band depends on natural conditions. There about the Marina is the band width up to 80 metres, and opposite the old part is only 30.

Depending on the counting method in Sveti Vlas you can count from 3 to 5 beaches. They are separated by natural obstacles.

The widest beach – to the left of the Marina-a new Eastern beach. To the right of the Marina – a new Western beach, then – a large city beach, and a small Western.

Behind the Cape, to the left of the Marina, lies a narrow sand and pebble beach, where there is enough space only for vacationers in the complexes "Etara" and "Paradise garden".

All beaches are free, but you have to pay for the use of a stationary umbrella and sunbeds. Payment in Bulgaria is quite high - 8 levs per umbrella, and for each lounger, a total of 2 places under the umbrella you will pay 24 leva (8 Euros). On each beach there are also areas where you can relax on your towel.

Sea, waves, jellyfish

From the shore the bottom gradually falls, which allows even children to swim in it. A little further from the shore, sometimes a spit is washed, and the depth in this place is only about one and a half meters.

Most of the season the sea is calm, the water is of medium transparency.

Approximately 1-2 times a month for the joy of vacationers, issued by 2-3 days of unrest, when the sea there are large waves, which can effectively dive.

For swimmers watching rescuers who during the unrest or strong wind do not allow to swim on water mattresses. With strong waves, they do not let anyone in the water.

Rescuers are available at 9:00 to 17: 00. They also collect money for the use of sunbeds. Outside of work, payment for space will be charged.

Basically, in the sea no jellyfish, but sometimes after a storm they were driven to the shore. Most often it is Medusa with a diameter of 20 centimeters, but sometimes there are instances of size up to half a meter. However, this happens rarely, and most of the time the water is clean.

The review of beaches

The largest beach – new East, located to the left of the Marina in front of the complexes "arena", "manastira". Length - more than 200 meters, width-from 40 to 60 meters. There are 2 restaurants: "La veranda" (you can order a full lunch), "La Playa" (bar), as well as a bar at the left end of the beach.

To the right of the pier – A new Western beach. The length is about 200 meters, the width is an average of 30 meters. The beach bar "Cool & Hot" (also offers pizza), and the restaurant of Greek cuisine "Aeraki". At the right end of the beach – restaurant "tuna" (fish cuisine).

City beach-behind the complexes "iris", "Mistral" and more. The length is almost 700 meters, but due to the geographical features of the beach strip triangular shape width of 20 to 40 meters. On the beach there are several bars and restaurants, mainly connected with the same residential complexes.

Finally, the farthest beach ending at the city line-the Western beach. The length is about 300 meters, the width is mainly 20 meters. Most part is reserved for individual rest on towels. There are 2 cafes on the beach.

The Eastern beach is to the left of the pier, it is hidden from prying eyes Cape with a large logo "Dinevi Resort". For him to go far, so rest there, mostly residents of the complex "garden of Eden". The main part of the beach is a sandy – pebble rectangle of 80 by 30 meters, and a narrow strip of 70 by 10 meters. The beach bar "garden of Eden".

Sveti Vlas
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