Eco-trails in Sveti Vlas

In addition to a beach holiday, Sveti Vlas offers several Hiking trails to the mountains.

Local mountain called Stara Planina – it is a protected area with the area of approximately 588 hectares.

It is equipped with three eco paths. All of them are equipped with places to relax – benches, sheds, further in the mountains it can be a picnic area with tables and oven.

The main ecotrope, which is about 10 kilometers long, begins on the territory of Elenite, passes through numerous natural attractions.

Shorter, but also very picturesque trail starts at the bus Terminus in St.Vlas. Its length is about 5 km. it Passes through the coniferous forest. On the route there are several springs.

Visiting rules of the ecotrail

Walking tours are carried out according to the specified schemes. Tourists must remember that nasadata on the reserve, where there are plants listed in the red book of Bulgaria.

Kindle fires only in specially pleased.

It is necessary to carry out garbage with itself.

Care should be taken to comfortable shoes rises often some pretty sick.

And don't forget that in the woods can be a snake. They don't usually attack people, but you can do it if they get angry.

Sveti Vlas
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