Exchange of currency

Bulgarian currency-Lev. Its rate has been at the same level for more than 10 years: 1 Euro = 1.95 Leva.

Other types of currency for payment are not accepted (except for some taxi drivers).

You can exchange money in the currency exchange offices, which are located on the street car Simeon and near the store "Revue" over the complex currency rate is written on the scoreboard near the entrance, sometimes there is a more favorable rate in the exchange of large sums.

Additional interest is not charged, but sometimes fraudsters work – it is better to specify the exchange rate from the employee.

Credit card payment

You can pay in Bulgaria with your credit cards. The exchange rate is determined by the Bank, and it is not always profitable. But no problems with the exchange!

Receiving cash in ATMs

You can withdraw cash at the ATMs.

First you need to choose the language: Bulgarian, English, German or Russian. Then the amount you wish to withdraw, this is usually strictly specified denominations: 20, 50, 100, 200, etc. Choose the amount yourself for foreign credit cards.

Making a credit card in Bulgaria

You, as a foreigner, can issue a debit card at a local Bank. On the main square there is a branch of the Central cooperative Bank. For registration you need only your passport.

The card is issued for 2 weeks.

Then on this card you can transfer money from home through an ATM of your Bank.

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