Where to eat in Sveti Vlas

Bulgarian cuisine

Bulgarian national cuisine includes vegetables, dairy products, pork and seafood dishes.

The signature dish is the Shopska salads and Ovcar. Shopska salad - traditional dish from the Bulgarian peasants of coarsely chopped cucumber, tomato and pepper, and slices of cheese. Very refreshing on a hot day when there is not particularly desirable. Ovcar or shepherd's salad can be made also, but add more meat, sometimes mushrooms.

Ovcharska and Shopska salads usually cost 3-5 leva. The portions are big enough.

A traditional meat dish is pork cooked in different ways. Why pork? Because only she remained to the peasants during Turkish rule, the rest of the meat took away the invaders.

Meat dishes are quite expensive. And if you should save your ass – you can order dishes from chicken or duck.

Despite the presence of the sea , to cook the fish either in Sveti Vlas or the surrounding cities do not know how. Fish are often more expensive than meat, but tastes much worse.

Cafes and bars

Classic bars in Sveti Vlas can only be found in hotels near swimming pools.

The rest of the "bars", even on the beach, is a traditional cafe, where in addition to drinks you can order essential dishes.

Cafes, where you can have Breakfast or dinner, are usually located in residential complexes – it is necessary to walk through the surrounding hotels in search of a place for Breakfast. The cost of Breakfast in such cafes is usually low.


In St.Vlas, the two main places of concentration of restaurants – a Marina and car Simeon street.

Restaurants on the Marina-a high-level restaurants. In the evening there is a dress code. But during the day you can eat for a reasonable fee with the whole family.

On car Simeon street there are restaurants of different price level and quality. Before you log in is familiar with the menu.

Finally, there are restaurants in large residential complexes.

List of restaurants in St Vlas


Bulgaria is famous for its wines, but finding a worthy example in the shops of St.Vlas is not so easy. The principle" the more expensive – the better " does not work here. Wine for 10 leva can be tastier, than for 40.

Average prices for a bottle of wine: 10-20 leva. There is wine and for 30, there is and "the Sword kryv" for 2.50 (under than on taste of wine for two and a half Lev well normal).

If you want to drink really high quality wine – your way is to shop at the factory in Pomorie. Taxi drivers know where it is located – it is very close to the highway to Burgas. That's just urban transport does not go there.

In the store it is better to choose bottles "medals" - wine, which took some place in the competition of winemakers. For a large company or a long vacation you can buy wine in cans.

By the way, many locals drive their home wine. Perhaps the staff of your hotel can also bring something.

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