Mobile communication

European roaming

If you have a SIM card from any EU country – you can use it in Bulgaria at "home" rates of your company. No extra fees for roaming are not charged.

But sometimes it is more profitable to buy a SIM card of a local operator.

National mobile operators

Bulgaria has four national mobile operators:

They provide 2G and 3G networks.

Max Telecom works with the fourth generation network, it is the most expensive and popular.

Those who plan to spend enough time in Bulgaria – it is better to buy a local SIM card. Mobile communication in Bulgaria is quite expensive, but for calls to Russia there are special tariff plans – learn about them in mobile shops on the street car Simeon.

Owners of other European SIM cards can use their SIM cards at the "home" fees: additional charges for roaming in Europe will not be charged.

The choice of tariff

At the conclusion of the contract, you can choose – a card with a subscription fee, calls in which are relatively inexpensive, but you pay for a long period, or a tariff plan where you pay only for the time of the conversation.

When buying a SIM card, you do not need a passport.


The most favorable tariff- "prima Vacancy": for 6 leva (3 euros) is given 20 minutes of conversations, 20 SMS messages, 1 GB of Internet. The validity of 10 days.


The most favorable tariff - "Vivacom International": for 6 levs is given 25 minutes of conversation with Russia and 1 GB of Internet. The account can be recharged at any salon of communication.


The best rate is "Telenor Tourist": 6 lions have 30 minutes of dialogue and 1 GB of Internet. The validity of 7 days.

Calls to Bulgaria

International code of Bulgaria-359.

For mobile calls: dial "+ 359" or "0359" and Bulgarian number.



Telenor BG

Max Telecom

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