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First line, second, third

The first line in St.Vlas is very peculiar: due to geographical features there are not many places from which you can go directly to the beach. Even if the map of the hotel is on the "first line", in fact that would get to the beach will have to go down the mountain.


Directly on the beach there is a complex "arena". Resting in it, you can let the children alone – no roads with traffic they do not have to cross. The complex is quite large, and most of the rooms overlook the courtyard – it can be both overlooking the pool and the garden through which passes the path to the beach.

"Arena" is the best complex really on the first line.


On the first line, but on the hill there is a "style" and "style 2". Two complexes are located next door, both are U-shaped buildings, inside of which there are large cozy courtyards. Unlike many other hotels where the patio is the only swimming pool with deck for sun beds, in the "Monastery" the yards are really big, with a green area.

The rooms overlook the courtyard overlooking the sea, that's just the beach is not visible, because the complexes are built on a hill. To get to the beach you can go down the stairs.

In addition to the pool bar, there is a full cafe-restaurant with good cuisine and a sufficient number of seats that would accommodate all comers.

Recommend for families with children lovers of the sea.

"Dolce vita"

The complex "Dolce Vita" is located to the right – three rows of five-storey houses, between which there is a place except for Parking cars and footpaths. On the lower ground there is a fairly large swimming pool and cafe.
"Dolce Vita-2" is a more modern complex with a decorative courtyard. The courtyard is nice to look at, it looks pretty stylish, but to walk on it is not very convenient because of the strong difference in height. However, for children, this relief, as well as the ability to run on open stairs – this is an additional pleasure.

There is a small swimming pool on the sea-facing deck and a restaurant on the upper deck.

"Tryavna beach" and "Sun coast"

Complexes "Tryavna beach" and "San coast" although they boast sea views, but are on the outskirts that would get from them to the beach to overcome a fairly long descent. However, many parents see it as a plus.

The complexes have quite large yards with green areas for children's games. There is a restaurant on the lower ground.
Complex " Etara "is located in a kind of gorge, and although it is on the" first line " - a sea view can boast of a few rooms. "Etara "is located between two beaches – small from the" Paradise garden "and large from the"Arena".

"Garden of Eden"

"Garden of Eden" - this is a huge (by local standards) apartment complex, located at different levels. There are both apartments overlooking the beach and apartments looking at the sea from a height.

The complex is actually outside the city limits, and therefore the beach is not "passers - by" - people from other hotels will not walk through it.

The advantages include a huge green area with several swimming pools,lots of cozy patios, where children will not be bored! The beach is not accessible by stairs, but by lifts!

Almost every pool has bars, and on the top there is a large dining room with plenty of seats. You can pre-order meals, and you will have no problem finding a place to have Breakfast or lunch. There is also a grocery shop for those who wish to prepare their own meals. There is a tour Desk and a doctor's office on site.

To the left of the Marina Dinevi

On the left side of Marina Dinevi on the first line are "VEGA village" and "Bademite". Because of the terrain, they are all above the beach level, but each can go to the beach without crossing the roads.

Half of the rooms overlook the sea in "VEGA village" look at the roadway, on which round the clock go visitors to the pier, the complex has a cafe, there is a shop.

"Bademite" - a complex with a large courtyard and green area. On the beach down a few paths. In terms of accessibility to the beach and sea views is a great choice.

The following complex "Panorama" although technically located on the first line, but from the beach it is separated by a road, though it leads to a dead end, but the beach behind it is not so good blagoustroen.

But the following hotels are the "sun Palace" and "iris" have come to right on the next beach. They can not boast of a green area, but they are convenient to get to the beach.

The complex "Mistral" is used for children's recreation, so we miss it, although it is a full-fledged first line with a large beach.

The last complex on the "full" first line - "Prima Sol Blue beach". A large green area, a large swimming pool with sunbathing area, a wide beach and sea views from half of the rooms – all conditions for a wonderful holiday at the sea.

The second and third line

The second and third I line in St.Vlas - a new tourist area, located below the main city road. Between them there are internal carriageways. There are small shops, small cafes, but the building is already more chaotic, and you need to look at the map each time when booking. Because in the promotional photos, the hotel may look fine, but near the hotel may not be the place, and immediately begin a neighboring hotel complex.

Large private green areas can boast the "Diamond" and "Riviera", located directly behind two-story complex is the yacht port "Marina Dinevi". Thanks to the natural elevation , almost nothing blocks them from the sea view.

In fact, they overlook the sea. Large swimming pools, children's play areas, bars and cafes and the proximity of shopping streets – this attracts parents with children.

Complex with large internal green areas and good infrastructure, it is worth noting the "Lazur", "Southern Extension" and "Watermill".

In General, in St.Vlas, there are many complexes, the interior of which is made with great imagination. Lovers swim in the pool we can recommend "Panorama dreams", with the longest swimming pool. For children good "Apart wanted Royal palm" with fenced territory, Playground and two swimming pools, which remain in the sun even in the evening!

A closed city for vacation

For those who do not have special requirements for the appearance of hotel complexes, but who are important green area, good infrastructure and fenced area – we recommend to pay attention to the complex "Fort Knox".

The disadvantage of this complex is that it is located away from the city (between St.Vlas and Elenite), and access to the city on foot is problematic. But , in addition to the regular bus from St.Vlas, Sunny beach and even Nessebar for the hotel guests there's a private bus to "Fort Knox".

"Fort Knox" - a small town, with the only difference that it does not go on the machine, and random people. The security passes to the territory only by permit.

Another drawback - very uncomfortable unequipped beach. There is no private private beach yet. But on the right and left there are two good beaches, where go and vacationers from neighboring complexes.

And in the territory there are already 7 pools (combined with frogs for children), there is a full place where you can walk. Children coming here for the summer, usually immediately find a company to their liking, the benefit is from whom to choose, and enjoy spending time in the fresh air without any gadgets.

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