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The period of rapid construction in St.Vlas fell on the pre-crisis and crisis years. Practically all new territory of the city was built up. But the legacy of the global financial crisis in St.Vlas remained several objects of long-term construction. Many of them still take a finished form, but some are in unfinished condition since 2008 (Yes, it is already 7 years).

In 2015, in St.Vlas almost no opportunity to buy something "at the construction stage". Phase "construction phase" you can only buy if you will come and you will see that the object is indeed carried out some work; otherwise, no one can tell when an investor will be money.

The financial concept of the construction in Sveti Vlas was simple: the investor builds a hotel complex and sells apartments in it to individuals. On the collected funds, he builds new objects, and so on. A very effective scheme for fast turnover, especially since formal contracts were concluded only for half of the amount, and the second part of investors received cash.

Secondary housing market

The secondary housing market is a good property, many of which are no more than 10 years old. Here you can find very attractive offers from private owners. In the rich pre-crisis years, many viewed real estate in Bulgaria as a profitable investment, and the apartments diverged like hot cakes. Then for many owners fell on hard times, and a lot of purchased was to be sold.

Sell property in St.Vlas both through the main (and the only) Agency "Laguna", and privately – posting ads in the Windows. If you have enough time – you can wait for a really good offer or come and personally communicate with the managers of the complexes – does not someone sell their apartments.

If you buy a house for yourself – the obvious advantage of St.Vlas will be that the new city is already built, and if you care about the landscape from the window or sea views, you can be sure – no one fences it.

For Bulgarian real estate

For real estate tours are organized, in which you will be transported to several sites that meet your needs. When choosing such a tour, you should remember that you are sent by a specific company that shows only "their" objects. Therefore, it is better to bypass several companies offering such services, and find out their contact numbers of their Bulgarian partners. And then in Bulgaria to agree with different agencies on the inspection of housing on different days. So for one trip you will cover the maximum number of proposals.

Please note that in Bulgaria the total area includes not only the area of housing, but also the area of General purpose (stairs, corridors, elevators).

Even at home it is necessary to read in detail about all available offers. Because optimistic prices" from... " usually hide the price of a room with a view of the car Park on the ground floor, and the price for a room floor higher and better views will be significantly different from the price "from...".

When you are offered a" free " tour – it is not really free. You pay for everything-and for tickets, and for , but in the case of making a purchase you return the cost of air tickets several (several, not all) days of residence.

Real estate registration

The design is carried out in several stages.

First, you are entering into a preliminary agreement. For it you take about 3% of the total amount of the transaction. It's a non-refundable Deposit. If the transaction breaks through the fault of the seller-you will be refunded this amount and pay in excess of the same penalty, if the transaction breaks through your fault-your money will remain with the seller.

Then within 1-2 weeks you have to Deposit half of the amount into the seller's account. And the remainder to be paid within a month. Details of the transaction will tell you the seller.
In short, you will need to come again to sign all the documents and get your hands on the documents of ownership of real estate in Bulgaria.

Registration of papers

Making docments on property are put on stream. numerous real estate agencies provide you with documents:

Act 16 confirms that the building is suitable for living. This document certifies that the room has Windows and doors, electricity and all communications. Without Act 16 to live in the house is prohibited by law, the residence permit is not issued. Multivisa as an owner under Act 15, you can only issue a one-time, then you will need to provide Act 16 certificate of commissioning of the property .

Reservation of housing.

Usually before the sale is made 5-10% as Deposit. Usually make it at a place before signing the Contract of intentions. In the event of termination of the transaction due to your fault, the Deposit will not be refunded; if the transaction is interrupted due to the fault of the seller - you will usually be paid a penalty in the amount of Deposit.

When buying a property, the payment is usually divided into several stages-part of the amount can be paid in cash, part - through the Bank. Usually the full payment is paid within a month, sometimes two.

For sale in the primary market, the first part of the payment is usually made through the Bank within a month, and the remaining can be made later in cash.

Registration of rights to property

Registration of property rights is secured by a Notarial act certified by a notary. A notarial deed is a title deed confirming your ownership rights in Bulgaria. Transactions are usually executed in Nessebar.

In any case, you become the owner after making the entire amount completely.

After purchase

After purchase, in order to pay taxes you need to get BULSTAT - "Bulgarian INN". The documentation usually serves as a realtor. It is issued within a month, and the next time you arrive in Bulgaria you will receive a ready plastic card with a number.

This card will check your debts when issuing a visa. With this number you will pay taxes on your property.

Cost of ownership

If you buy property in a hotel complex – you will have to pay 500 Euros each year for the "service", as well as property tax (less than 100 Euros).

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