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Sveti Vlas is divided into "Old" and "New" parts.

"New" part-a hotel and apartment built in the last 10 years (active construction was carried out from 2005 to 2010). It is a zone of relaxation and comfort at sea. As such, there is no division into "first", "second", "third" lines – all complexes are practically at the same distance.

Because of the nature of the terrain in Sveti Vlas are not many places where the house is physically possible to put the beach, mostly the systems are on a high. In the " new " part there are shops for tourists – mainly grocery and everyday goods. Expensive cafes and restaurants can be found in front of the pier.

Tourists is available, mostly apartments – 1-2 bedrooms with kitchen. As such hotels-with the administration on the ground floor, a common dining room, etc.very little.

"New "part of the" old " separates the seaside highway.

The "old" part – the one where they live not only tourists but also locals. There is a shopping street, public buildings (including Bank and post office), numerous drinking establishments. As befits an " old "part, it is built on a hill – the house of the sea from here to go much further than the" resort " part, but the price of rooms here is much lower.

Beach season

The holiday season in Sveti Vlas continues from may to October.

In may is quite cold for swimming, but the sun warms the air up to 20-25 degrees. At this time of year come those who prefer to breathe the sea air and does not like the crowds of tourists. Come spring also, elderly people with grandchildren.

The beach season starts in June. The air temperature reaches 25-30 degrees, although in the first half of the month the sea is cold enough, and the pools are without heating. With the beginning of summer, students come with their parents

Hot weather continues from July to August. During the day, the air warms up to + 30°C, and at night rarely cools below + 25 ° C. the water Temperature also rises smoothly to + 25°C.

With the onset of autumn, the city was empty - the children go to school. But until mid-September it is usually possible to swim. At the end of the month, the days are no longer hot, and only swimming enthusiasts go into the sea. In these times of the year usually come the British who prefer swimming in pools and sunbathing.

From October to April, the city is empty, beach bars close, and there are only large restaurants on The main street king Simeon.


St.Vlas – is largely built resort. There is almost no space left, and the real estate market is mostly secondary. Due to the crisis, many property owners are forced to sell it, and in St.Vlas there are very favorable offers.

The advantages of real estate in St.Vlas is that the "new" part is very young – there are no objects and 10 years, and at the same time no one will close you the existing landscape.


St.Vlas-the residence of the local oligarchs Dinev. Therefore, the city has a lot of protection – it is not evident, but if necessary will always be close.

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