Sunny beach

Sunny beach is a Bulgarian resort, known since the socialist era. Is a transportation hub – there is a bus station, from where start the routes to all regional cities and towns, and are regular Express trains to Burgas, Varna or Sofia and abroad.

Up to 90-ies there were built mostly of low-rise hotels with large green areas around. With the advent of capitalism on the first line began almost continuous construction. Today, the beach of Sunny beach is closed by hotels. But a little further on the second and third lines kept the old layout. Here were large green zone, which houses cozy restaurants.

In Sunny beach is full of shops, including clothes and household appliances (home owners for better technology to come here). The truth is hidden useful shops very tricky and without the help of local – find.

The beach in Sunny Beach is large, but it is entirely forced to pay sunbeds, so that the place to come just like that with your towel and enjoy the Bulgarian sun for free will not be enough for everyone.

Along the beach stretches a strip of small tents, cafes and restaurants. Because the competition is great-the prices here are lower than in St.Vlas. Those wishing to dine with views of sunbathing-here. Nature lovers should go to the 2-3 line and look for restaurants in the green area.

Entertainment in Sveti Vlas is pedicabs, electric cars and other smaller vehicles. For young people-there are several discos, including those working all night.

The main attraction of St.Vlas resort – the water Park "Action Park".The largest and most famous resort in the vicinity of Burgas. For lovers of lively recreation, wide beaches, beach bars - this is the best choice.

You can get from St.Vlas by bus №5 or №8. Walk every 30 minutes.

Sveti Vlas
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