Sveti Vlas

The old town of Sveti Vlas is a cozy Central square with a fountain, and a large shopping street. On this street and focuses the whole evening life-in addition to the actual small shops there are many cafes and restaurants.

New Sveti Vlas is a resort area where the complexes of apartments are located. Rest in St.Vlas-mostly family. So there are a lot of playgrounds, grocery stores and tents. The new part is the residence of the local oligarchs Dinevi, so the security is on the alert security guards. There are a lot of surveillance cameras here, so the consequences of any "trouble" will be quickly eliminated.

With the neighboring resort of Sunny Beach and historic Nessebar Holy Vlas connect bus service. Buses run every 20-30 minutes. If necessary, more long-distance travel, you can use the bus station in Sunny Beach.

The range of stores is determined by demand. In the new resort part it is mainly grocery (including vegetable) shops, in the old part – shops of summer clothes, Bulgarian Souvenirs. There are also several Internet cafes, car hire, tour centers.

The restaurants on the street offer good food at very affordable prices. Restaurants at the Marina are considered a class above - here the food is more refined, and above the price. Family dinners are better spent in cafes at hotel complexes – here you can find good food, including for children, at adequate prices.

From entertainment in St.Vlas-theatrical performances in the open theater "arena", and children's discos three times a week. Lovers of outdoor activities and noisy companies – a direct route to the nearby Sunny Beach. Sveti Vlas is a place of family rest. Hotel complexes are naturally divided into Russian-speaking, Polish-speaking and complexes where they live, including Bulgarians. The language barrier, within one hotel complex, simply nowhere to arise. Many guests come here for the whole summer, so there is almost a homely atmosphere where everyone knows each other.


Sveti Vlas stands on a strip of land between a pine forest and the sea. So that the local air is a mixture of forest air with a fresh breath of the sea (it was fresh, and not any of the smell of decaying seaweed).


No mosquitos here. Flies are rare, even in the garbage. So that nor night nor lunch insects are not disturbed.

Of the really unpleasant – there are centipede, or scolopendra. Disgusting creatures. They are usually afraid of people, and caught off guard trying to run away, but really unpleasant. Run fast, killed by any hard object.

The probability of meeting this creation does not depend on the floor on which you live.

If you met this – be sure to tell the hotel Manager, he will call sanitation.

By the way, Venus flytrap (or home centipede) catches the harmful insects, so despite the repulsive appearance – an insect useful. According to experts – in Bulgaria they are not so poisonous that would cause serious harm, although their bites on the skin may be redness and other allergic reactions.

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Sveti Vlas
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