Trip to Bulgaria

To come to Bulgaria you need to go 3 steps:

How to find a hotel or apartment in Sveti Vlas

The hotel differs from the apartments only by the presence of the reception on the ground floor and paid meals in the dining room. The unlike hotels, there is a kitchen where you can cook your own meals.

When choosing a house you should not trust the colorful photos – in recent years in St.Vlas began to appear in the hotel set on the "spot building": this G - or U-shaped building with a large swimming pool at the bottom, where one side of the yard goes... directly to the street. It feels like you're sunbathing on the sidewalk. After choosing a hotel it is better to turn to the map, find the right hotel and see what is next.

The easiest way to find a hotel through a travel Agency – you pick up the right option, you pay the money, you order tickets, travel, and even apply for a visa. But you can try to find a hotel in Sveti Vlas through the hotel website – often there are very attractive offers. In addition, the site can immediately see the location of the hotel on the map, see several photos from different angles.

Ticket purchase

It is advantageous to buy tickets for low-cost airlines flights that fly from different countries of Europe.

Obtaining visa

Since 2016, EU citizens do not need a visa to enter Bulgaria! you just arrive with your internal passport, which is checked at the airport.

Buying air tickets or train tickets, flight selection and airline

Burgas Airport - description, features, arrival, rent a car

Varna Airport - location, how to get to the city

Transfer from the airport, from the station Burgasа - how to get from Varna or Burgas

Sveti Vlas
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